Good Food A Given At Thirsty Turtle


Good Food A Given At Thirsty Turtle

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

In the mood for a good grouper sandwich? How about some fish dip, chicken wings, a burger? If so, head to the Thirsty Turtle in Juno Beach. It’s a popular, laid-back place for lunch or dinner, any day of the week.

The restaurant’s within walking distance of the pier and is a great place to break up the day with a fun, filling lunch. There’s a pool table, plenty of TVs, even a sand volleyball court.

Our favorite food: Grouper sandwichPrice: $12.95

Noise level: 3, on a scale of 1 (quietest) to 5 (loudest)

Note: Post staffers will anonymously visit a restaurant in your neighborhood each week in search of the best menu item. They’ll tell you about that item and why they liked it in this spot each week.

With company in town, and after a few hours of lounging around the pool, my guests and I decided to slide on our flip-flops and head there for a lunch on a Saturday. Five of us, hungry from doing nothing in the sun, arrived at about 3 p.m. and were surprised to find the place hopping with customers. Always a good sign.

You can dine in or eat on the covered deck. Four of us had eaten at the Turtle plenty of times and we knew that one can always count on good food. The one out-of-towner in our crowd, who’s always in search of a great grouper sandwich, found it here.

We started with a pitcher of cold beer ($5.75) and smoked fish dip ($5.95). It’s a toss-up which was better. The fish dip was just a bit wet for my liking. But the clean plate told me the others thought differently.

Our table ordered mozzarella sticks ($4.95), 10 chicken wings ($3.50 during happy hour), a hamburger ($6.25), a grouper sandwich ($12.95) and a fish and chips basket ($9.95).

It was hard to pick a favorite – all the food was really good – but a bite of the grouper sandwich, with its fresh tomato, onion, lettuce and tartar sauce was all I needed to know it’ll be my order on the next visit.

Source: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/search/content/neighborhood/pb_gardens/epaper/2008/07/30/npp_turtlerev_0730.html

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